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Vocaloid-Lovers Collaboration: Haku by ilooovejirachi
Vocaloid-Lovers Collaboration: Haku
:iconvocaloid-lovers: Collaboration.
I feel like my style changes dramatically with each picture I draw ^^; especially on a tablet.
My trial ver of Sai expired so I got a permanent one but the brushes are different and I get confused ><"
Vocaloid-Lovers Collaboration: Neru by ilooovejirachi
Vocaloid-Lovers Collaboration: Neru
For :iconvocaloid-lovers: Vocaloid Collaboration.
I did Neru, Teto and Haku.
I figured Neru would be the type to prioritise her texts over making a proper photo pose so there's her awkwardly trying to hide her phone ^^;
Vocaloid-Lovers Collaboration: Teto by ilooovejirachi
Vocaloid-Lovers Collaboration: Teto
:iconvocaloid-lovers: Vocaloid Collaboration Contest.
Rin and Len were taken so I took Teto ^^
I might do Haku and Neru as well now that the deadline's been extended
Art Session Final End Card by ilooovejirachi
Art Session Final End Card
Art Session S1 2015 ended :'D
The final session was just me posting the works of everyone who drew at art session.
The final message was supposed to be something like:

I don't care if you can't draw, if you don't have talent, if your works will make my eyes bleed.
Don't mind what others think. if you want to draw then just draw.

So if you can't draw anything but stick figures, go out there and draw the best damn stick figure in the world.
Art Session Final by ilooovejirachi
Art Session Final
I've been wanting to make more art but I took on a tutoring job and now I'm busier than when I had uni.
So yes, more old stuff.
Final art session was a compilation of photos of everyone's art from previous art sessions, with minor commentaries by mascot charas. As the presentation progressed the art style of the charas was meant to improve lol

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ilooovejirachi's Profile Picture
Hi I'm Rena :)
I love manga, anime and Vocaloid.
Art is more of a hobby for me than a way of life. It is a form of expression, and something I love to do when I have spare time.
Though improving my skill is desirable, I think it is more important to have fun. When I practice art, I escape into a different world, and that's part of the reason I love it.

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop (VOCALOID!XD)
Favourite character: Kagamine Len :3
I don't know the difference between a status update and a journal :'D
But I haven't submitted a journal in a while so why not.

So as some of you may or may not know, I became art director for AUNSW. And part of my role involves making merch. But my current S Note tablet can't handle super high quality pics. So the previous art director let me borrow his tablet :'D

I'm so happy ;w;
I've always admired all those pro digital illustrators and the tablets they bring to our art sessions. Setting everything up took like half a day (because dodgy computer), and downloading Sai took another couple hours (because dodgy computer and internet). Learning Sai took the rest of the day (because dodgy brain). Getting used to the basics took like half a week (yep my brain again. And my skills. Dodgy skills). But I think I got it now.

Sai is pretty frickin' amazing o.o Everything just blends and it's like wooooooah. My stuff looks so high quality now and I just marvel at the lack of pixels in my linework ;w;

I've done some stuff but I'll probably submit them closer to SMASH.
For now I'll keep uploading my old stuffs.

tldr; I am definitely investing in my own tablet in future >: D
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  • Reading: manga
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  • Drinking: tea

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